Law Library

The Law Library was established in 2007 and provides specialist support materials for the academic staff, researchers, and students of the KNU Law School. The Law library has around 106,000 books, periodicals, and electronic materials.
  • Address: 3-5F (entrance: 4F), Law School, 80 Daehakro, Buk-gu, Daegu 702-701
  • ☎ 053-950-4723 ~ 4725

Library hours

  • Monday - Friday: 08:30-21:00 / during vacation: 09:00 - 18:00
  • Saturday: 09:00-13:00, Sunday: closed

User Guide

Check-out limits and lending periods

Status Book Period
Professor(full time lecturer and higher) 50 180
Lecture professor, Affiliated professor 30 90
Staff, Branch faculty, Teaching & research assistant 20 30
Graduate student 20 30
Undergraduate 10 14
  • The general regulations for the library with regard to check-out, extensions, and the handling of late returns are identical with those for the Central Library.

Floor guide

  • 3F Conservation room: Reference materials with low frequency of use and historical materials.
  • 4F Materials room: Reference materials, periodicals, and degree theses.
  • 5F Materials room: Domestic and foreign books.

Facilities and Equipment


Location Area
Periodical & Reference room S403 447.8㎡
Domestic & foreign books room S502 512.4㎡
Conservation room S304 129.8㎡
Audiovisual room S307 55.4㎡
Office S303 42.8㎡
Total 1,188.2㎡


Number Location
PCs for library search 4 4F (3) / 5F (1)
Reading Room Seats 76 4F (47) / 5F (29)
Photocopier 1 4F
Printer 1 4F

Web Databases related to Study of Law

Web DB Contents
Domestic LawnB Country’s largest legal database that provides precedents, laws,
annotations, academic society journals, formats, Japanese precedents
and laws, laws for daily life, and corporate legal affairs.
Foreign LexisNexis
Includes US federal & state precedents, laws, and regulations, law reviews,
US patents, EU laws, and British Commonwealth precedents. The full
text is provided for all legal information, including law journals and law
reviews. In addition to a user interface and various additional functions,
browse functions, previously limited to existing laws, are expanded to
cover journals.
Beck-online Provides legal information from law-specializing publishers, including
Verlag C. H. Beck. It also includes German laws, precedents, annotations,
handbooks, encyclopedias, law magazines, and formats.
Juris Provides German legal materials, including German-language legal
information system, texts of rulings from the Federal Constitutional
Court of Germany and other courts, proof documents, media coverage,
and responses.
TKC Law Library Provides an explanation of precedents, law journals, legal information,
legal community news cited in LEX/DB Online (precedent information),
the largest legal information database of Japan, and links to cited
D1-Law Provides Japanese legal information, precedents, and administrative
information in the categories of current laws, precedents, and
bibliography. Current laws includes 10,000 instances from the
Constitution, precedents includes 180,000 precedents from the last
century since the Meiji Era, and bibliography supplies 500,000 texts
of documents related to laws and precedents.


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